Write your way!

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When: Sunday, 19/02/2017

Where: Ancud IT-Beratung GmbH, Glockenhofstr. 47, 90478 Nürnberg

Register onwww.writeyourway.eu or call us on: 0911 / 2525 68 – 60

Note: There is also care for children.

Our project „Write your way“ aims to support refugees and asylum seekers in Germany, and offers a space for cultural exchange. As a software company from Nuremberg we welcome and provide you an insight into the IT profession. We offer short workshops for everyone who is interested in the IT profession or has already gained some experience in IT. All necessary hardware will be supplied.  We will provide an online-platform for anyone who is willing to tell their personal journey. In addition, we’re looking forward to share a view into the culture of the Nuremberg area. This event is supported by Atlassian.

The main program includes an Atlassian Confluence-based platform. The software tool, which is used for communication and the exchange of knowledge in companies and organizations, is intended in this context to help you writing down your personal story. Beyond the event, follow-up dates are planned, whereby the platform will remain. Thus, you will also have the possibility to further develop the stories and translate them into other languages. In addition, the stories can be shared and thus serve as a model for integration for other refugees. The event is intended to create space for encounters and mutual understanding and to pave the way for intercultural exchange. At various stations, the refugees have the opportunity to get to know and understand the topics of IT as well as their new home with the culinary and cultural characteristics. In small workshops, the participants can also learn specific German terms. The necessary technology, such as laptops, PC parts for assembling or network sockets for cabling, is provided for this purpose. This event is supported by Atlassian.